Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I've got a blog in the oven

So where to start? As a self confessed foodie and spender of way too much time online it has been suggested by some (you know who you are!) that I should combine them both and catalogue my adventures in food with a blog. So here it is. Slightly overcooked and a bit burnt and crispy at the edges.

My foodie adventures started at an early age. My mum was a cookery demonstrator with the Hydro Board and my Dad a farmer. Santa brought me a Brownie Cookbook and my collection has grown ever since. I love eating out, eating in, fast food and slow food. I cook lots, bake occasionally, diet when I've overindulged and throw a mean themed party! I've even managed to pass some of this enthusiasm on two my children. Boy is a fellow foodie and has aspirations to be a sushi chef although girl is more of a chips and chicken nugget connoisseur.

So those are the ingredients. Lets mix them up and see if the soufflé rises or flops.

Bon Appetite!

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