Gingerbread Houses for Christmas

Sunday 29 December 2013
The construction of a gingerbread house has become something of a Christmas Eve tradition in the last few years. I have no input whatsoever to the process. Its all down to my sister (aka Auntie Adele) boy, girl and a little help from an Ikea flat pack. Their creations have become increasingly ambitious over the years but the chimney is almost always topped off with a signature Brussels Sprout.

The first year of house creation and its somewhat of a minimalistic thrown together look. No preplanning whatsoever. After Eights adorning the roof and the first appearance of a sprout in the chimney. Boy was 8 and girl 6. Construction of the house is always done with melted sugar as opposed to icing.
The sprout has gone from the chimney and been replaced with a Playmobil Santa. A host of woodland creatures adorn the scene and clearly some thought has been put into the overall design. There's been an icing sugar snowfall and the addition of a somewhat scary looking giant gingerbread man.
The sprout is back! This year's project was the addition of a fence. It proved to be a bit of a nightmare and was declared "never again". Magic stars on the roof, jube jube snowman and chocolate button path. One scary looking giant gingerbread man has multipied to four.
Boy is now 11 and girl 9 and this is their most ambitious project yet. Auntie Adele is ageless. The white chocolate button roof was inspired by Mary Berry's house on the Christmas Bake Off Masterclass. The other side was mini chocolate fingers and both were adorned with smartie or jelly tot fairy lights. The giant gingerbread men were replaced with mini versions each decorated by and to represent the three creators. The marshmallow snowman proved tricky and had to be downsized and held together with a cocktail stick. Icing sugar snow was replaced with Silver Shimmer Spray. Even the Brussels Sprout sparkled.
It tasted as good as it looked. My personal favourite bit was the mint matchmaker windows. Discussions have already been had for the 2014 version. The main proposed addition being stained glass windows and an internal light. 
Best get that planning application in. Should really have forced Auntie Adele to open her Gingerbread House Teatowel before construction commenced. The inclusion of a Jammy Dodger feature window is inspired and will definately be featuring in the 2014 design. 


  1. Fantastic to see how their creativity and skill has developed. Brilliant fun.

  2. Wow! These are really impressive! :-)

  3. Lovely seeing the evolution! I must confess, despite the tea towel, I've never actually made a gingerbread house (must try harder next year!) x

  4. Fabulous - what a wonderful way to document your kids' growing abilities. Great work boy and girl (and Auntie Adele of course!) - looking forward to next year's masterpiece! Vohn x

  5. Fabulous work Auntie Adele and boy and girl. You are becoming more and more creative and expert, keep it up. xx

  6. So great to see the development over the years. Look forward to seeing next years already!

  7. It's fab seeing all of these together! I must admit to mainly being just the supervisor (Although I was rather chuffed with my wee snowman this year!). I think I'm mainly included just to make sure more sweeties get added to the house, and not to my niece & nephews' tummies during production. I'm thinking possibly outbuildings for next year...

  8. These are AMAZING! I loved see the evolution. At the weekend I made some YouTube videos with a friend of mine where we had a challenge to see who could put one of these together quickest, it was hilarious (we pretended it was for the children obviously). I also did one about decorating these houses, can't wait to see your 2014 version!


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