Saturday, 26 March 2016

Tunnock's Teacake Easter Bunny Bums

I couldn't let Easter pass without doing something to celebrate using the iconic Tunnock's Teacake. My past projects with them have included Rocky Road, Christmas Tree Baubles, AFC Sheep, Christmas Puddings and Scottish S'Mores. It was only this week when I was browsing for Easter Baking inspiration that some rather sophisticated Bunny Butt Cupcakes made me think that a Tunnock's Teacake was the perfect shape for a Bunny Bum. I really can't call it a recipe but I've shared the assembly instructions for my Tunock's Teacake Easter Bunny Bums below. Please do tweet me a photo, tag me on Instagram or share on my Facebook Page if you make them. Happy Easter! 

Tunnock's Teacake Easter Bunny Bums

Large White Chocolate Buttons
Milk Chocolate Buttons
Black Icing Pen
White Marshmallows
Tunnock's Teacakes
Melted Chocolate

Glue a white and milk chocolate button together with melted chocolate and add paw prints with black icing.
Stick the feet onto the Teacake with melted chocolate.
Cut the wide base off the marshmallow and press the top half of it onto the bunnies bum.
Pop the bunnies in the fridge to set.

For further Easter inspiration here's a quick roundup of some of my favourite recipes and ideas from elsewhere on my blog.

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  1. Those are so cute, love the bunny tails! I saw a friend's instagram photo recently with a vivid green plate, almost the colour of green grass, can just imagine these set out on that plate!

  2. These are adorable!! I've never had Tunnock teacakes before, but would love to try one :) Happy Easter!

  3. Teehee, these are very cute. Also, I LOVE tunnocks teacakes but I have to admit, I prefer their caramel wafer bars :-)

  4. These are brilliant! What a fantastic idea, and oh so yummy!