Sunday, 17 February 2013

TV Dinners and Freezer Leftovers

Back to a Monday for this week #mealplanningmonday but only just. Have been without Internet access since Friday afternoon so no online shop has been done and I'm borrowing my neighbours wifi to post this. Life is never straightforward. Last week was a busy one kicking off with pancake day. We started with chocolate muddy puddle Peppa Pig ones for breakfast topped with Nutella and banana. Lunch was savoury crepes. Afternoon snack of bannocks/scotch pancakes and dinner of seafood crepe bake. Don't want to see another pancake for a long time.
Wednesday night was spent at Nick Nairn Cookschool cooking up the perfect sole supper. Followed by the Valentine meet of Pinnies and Petticoats cake club. I'll blog about my quick cook class later this week but here's a sneaky peek at the end result.
Friday lunchtime was spent enjoying a preview of the new Jamie's Italian restaurant in Aberdeen before it's official opening this week. We had been warned that it was a training exercise and did get 50% off our meal but even so it was a bit disappointing both in terms of service and food. Hopefully it's just teething troubles and they will get their act together.

There was a murder in the big top on Saturday night when we hosted a circus themed Murder Mystery Party for Foodie Loon's Birthday. Great fun. Full details of what I cooked to come later in the week but meantime here's the Pulled Persian Lamb main course.
More birthday celebrations on Sunday with a late lunch at Las Iguanas. Thoroughly enjoyed our whole meal and wonderful attentive service. Boy was given a T-Shirt for finishing a huge adult portion of "The Extraordinary Xinxim" and Foodie Loon got a complimentary desert with birthday candle as our waiter overheard girl saying it was his birthday.

So to this week and the cupboards are bare due to no Internet grocery shop. The start of the week is using up bits from the freezer and when I get to the shops I'll be making a couple of dishes spotted on TV.

Monday - Persian Lamb, Cous Cous with Roasted Veg, Ratia and Humous
Leftovers from Saturday nights birthday dinner party.

Tuesday - Butter Basted Turkey Roast
Bought from the yellow stickied section after Christmas and languished in the freezer ever since.

Wednesday - Bacon wrapped Trout 
Trout from the freezer with inspiration from Nigel Slater and Fab Food 4 All

TV dinner from Simon Hopkinson's The Good Cook. Sounds amazing.

Friday - Nigel Slater Spelt and Sausage Cobbler
Was supposed to have this last week but couldn't get the required pearl spelt. Despite the recipe coming from Sainsbury's Magazine it turns out that Sainsbury's don't actually stock it!? Have tweeted and emailed them about it and still awaiting a response... Will use barley as an alternative if I cant track it down this week.

Saw this on the first episode of the new Hairy Bikers Everyday Gourmet TV show and instantly wanted to make it.

Sunday - Brisket
Unearthed from the freezer and will be braised in the slow cooker with the leftovers kept for Stovies on Monday

As always you can catch up with all the meal planning shenanigans in Mrs M's Blog. Have a good week all and keep your fingers crossed that I get my internet sorted. You only realise how much you use it when you don't have it.


  1. Great Plan! At least you are getting through freezer bits! Your local health food shop should have pearl spelt, I've had my eye on that recipe let me know how it goes!

  2. Ohh no how horrible having no internet!!
    The Butternut Squash Ravioli sounds delicious!!
    Have a great week!

  3. Your sole looks amazing.
    I am quite exhausted reading about your social life, though! :-)